STYLE GURU BIO: Manya Wallace

Style Guru Bio

My name is Manya Wallace and I am a third year Communication Studies major at Northeastern University. I work as a stylist at Free People and often find my inspiration through exploring themes and visions the brand puts forth. That being said, my style seems to evolve from extremely feminine to daringly tomboy-ish, maintaining the essence of a fashion-conscious hippie.

My wardrobe and the ensembles it produces tend to merge situational boundaries, creating outfits that can be worn to class, a movie and quite often when going out at night. Versatility is key in ensuring more options in your day to day life, but I place importance on maintaining an expansive variety of styles as well.

In my extracurricular life, I spend my days traveling and locating the nearest concert. I have spent my summers in Greece visiting family and enjoying the beautiful country for the majority of my life, and I have an incredible appreciation for the world beyond my home. There is an endless supply of magnificent places to discover, much like the endless and ever moving trends in the fashion industry. I am a true lover of many different types of dance music and craft outfits meticulously to reflect the beauty of festivals (like Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium). My interests extensively broaden my views of fashion and allow me to further explore the boundaries of my inner Fashionista.

Scott McKenzie sang, “Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair,” and it’s something I live by. Why not place a perfect array of pink daisies atop your head while you drive around on an average day? Wear something that brightens your day and improves your mood. Your style should be forever thriving on your experiences.


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