STYLE GURU BIO: Maggie Levine

Style Guru Bio

I am so excited to be returning for my fourth semester as a Style Guru for the University at Albany! I am a music theory and communications double major with a great interest in fashion that has grown over my time at college. As I begin my senior year (yikes!) I finally feel that my life’s passion and fashion style have combined to be one in the same.

I have always loved music and now that it is my major and hopefully my future career, I have noticed myself choosing outfits based on my music plans for the day.  If I expect a day of studying for a piano exam in the practice rooms, I wear a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans, a graphic tee and Sperry Top-Siders. If I’m headed to my music internship, I throw on a pair of black high-waisted shorts and a silk blouse. And if I’m going to hours of music theory classes, it’s linen pants and a jean jacket. I guess you could say my style has evolved into a sort of musically chic look!

Of course, I don’t shop for ensembles based on my music needs. I love to browse through stores and choose things that look comfy but cute and flirty. Only when I’m picking my look for the day do I consult my “fashion playlist” and see what will best work with my plans. I completely love that I finally feel confident in matching my fashion style to my passion and I think it is a wonderful thing that anyone can feel. Pay attention to your interests and loves outside of fashion because they are the very things that will inspire your style choices. Writing on Thursdays for WHAT TO WEAR, I will be searching the campus for Fashionistas who tell their story and passions through their outfits. Get ready, Fashionista/os of UAlbany, I’m coming for you!


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