STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Bennett

Style Guru Bio

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Madison Bennett and I am a typical college girl equipped with a zest and passion for life. Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to follow my spirit of adventure and travel halfway across the country to attend college in the Midwest. Marquette University is my home away from home and I am absolutely in love with my four-year opportunity filled with exploration and growth.

I am a sophomore Public Relations major with a double minor in both Marketing and French. My dreams and goals are entirely fashion related. Vibrant colors, wild patterns and shifting hemlines inspire me on a daily basis. My dream is to eventually become a stylist for The Everyday Diva or to write for a fashion magazine. If I were to describe my fashion sense in one word it would definitely be “eclectic” because I am constantly drawing inspiration from the world around me. Whether it’s sunshine-y weather or a day of exploration in a new city, I am always captivated by new, exciting ideas, vivacious colors and geographically unique trends. From designer to discount, I am always excited by the challenge, individuality and creativity that fashion presents.

This is my first semester being a part of the CollegeFashionista family and I could not be more thrilled by this opportunity! I am excited to share my sense of style with all of you, the unique style trends found on my campus and to breathe new style inspirations for the upcoming season.


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