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Hey everyone! Maddy Fass here, and I am a sophomore at Penn State University. I will be taking care of the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column this semester and can’t wait to get started! I grew up with an older brother who has always had a natural sense of style and who actually enjoys expressing that sense, which has made me more interested and aware of men’s fashions than your average girl. Even as a little kid I wanted to dress like him! But with those elementary school days long behind me, my own sense of style has grown into its own, and I’ve found new sources of fashion inspiration from the likes of the Olsen twins to Kate Moss.

Even though I attend school in a more rural area, I grew up in Connecticut right outside of New York City. My time spent there has made me love fashion because it allows you to stand out, be who you want to be, and have unlimited ways to express yourself. I believe that my style has been shaped by the world around me, whether the inspiration comes from the places I have lived in or visited, or the experiences I have had.

Snowboarding, horseback riding and music are a few other passions of mine that have helped create my own personal looks. Equestrian style has always had a presence in the fashion industry and is constantly becoming more popular. I always enjoy seeing riding boots as a fall favorite and always contemplate wearing my actual riding boots around. My past in snowboarding also helps adding a bit of edginess (and warmth!) to my love for equestrian’s classic style. Whether it is an oversized flannel, sweater, or a saggy beanie, these wintery pieces are perfect for the cold days and nights at Penn State. When it comes to music, a more hippie festival style is right up my alley too, especially in the summer.

I believe that personal style is about taking something you love and being able to feel comfortable in it no matter what. My favorite piece in my wardrobe is an old pair of short light brown leather boots that I have had for at least four years. I have replaced the heel twice, and they are pretty beaten up. But what I love about them is that they go with everything and make each outfit my own brand. My goal is for everyone to find their own personal brand, and if you keep up with my posts maybe you can find yours this spring!


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