STYLE GURU BIO: Mackenzie Leveque

Style Guru Bio

Hi, my name is Mackenzie, and I am so excited to be writing the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK section this summer! This past semester, I wrote the ACCESSORIES REPORT for my school, Saddleback College. I am looking forward to branching out this summer to share the creative styles I see around campus and how to incorporate them into your own look.

Over the course of the school year, I was pleasantly surprised to see how truly fashionable my campus was. I came into college expecting to see exhausted students in baggy sweats and extra large Starbucks cups. Instead, I saw a campus of people who truly expressed themselves through their clothing and took pride in what they wore. I saw every kind of style: from grunge to preppy to ultra-feminine.

These looks helped to influence both my articles and my own personal style. Because of the prevalent fashion culture at my school, I was able to write about a wide variety of accessories this semester. Some of my favorites included bowler hats, booties and cat eye sunglasses. These accessories have helped me to expand upon my own style as well. Often I will write an article and end up convincing myself into buying my own version of the accessory! It has been both wonderful and horribly tempting to have a shopping mall across campus.

My own style is something that I am very particular about. It is entirely possible for me to go shopping with my friends for an entire day and only end up with one item. This is because I am someone who just really enjoys the shopping process. I like to stand by the dressing room and evaluate dozens of outfits as my friends model clothes off the hangers. I like to look at one single shirt and discuss the multiple possibilities and pairings that it could procure. I like to try on a skirt with five different shirts and debate which one is the most flattering. Actually ending up with an outfit is simply an extra bonus. As you can imagine, this sort of mentality is less than endearing to salespeople and to some of my friends.

However, there are some pieces that I can never turn down. I love dresses for their beautiful versatility and can never resist buying just one more. At the beginning of a shopping expedition, I sternly instruct my friends not to allow me to purchase another dress, but it never seems to work. You can most likely expect to see lots of fun summer dresses and skirts on my page this summer!

I am looking forward to discovering new styles and fashion methods during this summer semester and sharing them with you every Monday. Check back in and find out what summer look influenced me next week!


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