STYLE GURU BIO: London Faust

Style Guru Bio

I grew up in a small town where everyone dressed very similarly. There were very few trendsetters and those who were often got judged for being different. My thought process has always been “normal is boring” and one of the many reasons I decided to attend Temple University was to get away from the “normal” that defined my home town.

Moving from small town Pennsylvania to the city of Philadelphia was a culture shock for me in many ways. One of the things that I have since come to appreciate is the diversity that the city has to offer. All the different people with various interests and truly unique styles have inspired me to diversify my own wardrobe and sense of style.

Being in a city I feel more able to try different fashion trends.  My typical outfit includes at least one key piece like a LBD or a solid colored T-shirt and then an attention grabbing piece like a patterned scarf, sequin leggings or a statement sweater. I believe that every great wardrobe starts with solid key pieces.

My fashion role model is Lauren Conrad.  She inspires me as a writer and as a Fashionista. Her Kohl’s line encompasses much of what I think a good fashion collection should possess. One of the things I appreciate most about Lauren Conrad is that she has her LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s that is right in my price range and she also has her Paper Crown line at Nordstrom for those who have more financial flexibility than a college student like myself. Appealing to a wide range of audiences is important in many fields, including fashion, and Lauren Conrad does just that.

I am very excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista this spring. I look forward to exploring the world of men’s fashion while writing Let’s Hear it for the Boys. I think I’ll learn a lot and get inspired with ways to expand my own wardrobe and individuality. Keep an eye out for my posts every Tuesday.


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