STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsay Hoefferle

Style Guru Bio

My name is Lindsay Hoefferle and I am a senior studying marketing at James Madison University—Go Dukes!! My passion is fashion and everyone knows it. Glossy pages from the latest issue of Vogue hang on my bedroom walls, I look forward to reading The New York Times Thursday Styles every week and I can’t get enough of creating looks I find on Pinterest from pieces in my own closet. I am the go to girl for any style questions or advice. I don’t go a day without getting texts from friends reading “Does this blouse look good with this skirt?” or “Help! Meet me at the mall in thirty! I need an outfit for tonight.”

My dream is to work for a high end clothier or department store marketing their products and events. My passion for fashion began at a young age when I spent Saturday morning playing dress up in my mom’s closet and recreating outfits for my Barbies that mirrored the styles of those filled the pages of Vogue. During high school and college I work at Talbots where my passion grew ever greater and I found interest in marketing and merchandising in the fashion industry. This past summer I was fortunate enough to spend ten weeks interning with JCPenney, a company undergoing a huge transformation that was so exciting to be apart of.

How would I describe my style you may ask? I would say a perfect blend of runway trends and timeless classic elegance. I am almost always wearing a dress or skirt.  I also have a HUGE obsession with sequins, lace and feathers. I would have loved to lived during the 1920’s when red lips, flapper dress and high heels were all the rage. Those I look to for style inspiration are Rachael Zoe, Bobbie Thomas, Lauren Conrad, Kate Middleton and Giuliana Rancic.

Ralph Lauren once said “Fashion is not necessarily about the labels. It’s not about the brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” I am looking forward to inspiring and developing readers’ styles this semester.


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