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Greetings fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Leah Myers and I am a junior at the University of Georgia. This is my first semester writing the ACCESSORIES REPORT for CollegeFashionista and I am beyond excited! A direct result of this excitement has been further exploration of my own fashion inspiration. I think that knowing what you’re influenced by is an important part of cultivating your own personal and unique style. I hope to bring you looks this semester that are creative, current and original.

Personally, I look to blogs, music and film for my own inspiration and style influence. Right now I am currently obsessed with the HBO series Girls and the individual styles of each character. I think the show is doing a great job of showing what real girls in their 20s are wearing, and how we express ourselves. The most important part of fashion to me is exploration and being true to your own self. Wearing what is new and trendy is great, but do it on your own terms.

I think street style is an extremely important part of the fashion industry, and websites such as this one are great ways to find new and fresh ideas to pull from for your own look. I love street style photographers like Tommy Ton and Bill Cunningham who so eloquently said: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” Truer words were never spoken for me, and I hope to bring you great examples of some “armor” this semester.


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