STYLE GURU BIO: Lauren Peacher

Style Guru Bio

Once again, a new year is upon us. What makes this year special is the fact that many thought we wouldn’t live the day to see the year “2013.” Well, it’s here and for the sake of how precious time is, I hope you make it your best year yet. We all have new years resolutions and hope that we can transition into these new lifestyle changes with ease. For me, I hope to eat cleaner and take better care of myself. When it comes to fashion I want to take more risks and more bold with my style choices. I’ve learned quite a bit this past year and hope to continue to grow experience life as it comes. Over the past six months my hair has changed from dirty blonde, to lilac, pink, blue, white, and just recently a warm ombre inspired by Alexa Chung. While having cotton candy hair was fun and grabbed everyone’s attention I wanted to make a statement without having pastel hair. I plan on keeping it in a natural state for quite a while. I took a break from blogging but will pick back up on it now that the new year is upon us. It’s a personal style blog called Peacher Not Preacher to track how my style has and will change over the coming year. With a graduation date coming up sooner then later I hope to move from New Mexico to the big apple sometime next year and can’t wait to see what endeavors may accompany me there. If anything take this year to better yourself, take time to find who you really are and the goals you want to accomplish in life.


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