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Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. As a dancer, I loved modeling all of my costumes each season and adding personal, often glittery modifications to them if my local performances granted me a spot at national competitions. My costumes and their modifications fueled my love of interesting outfit details ranging from unique buttons to eye-catching jewellery pieces. My total weakness is rings!

Magazines have always been a huge source of inspiration for me, as well. Beginning with J-14 in my preteens to Teen Vogue and beyond, I’ve witnessed my personal style grow in correlation with my reading interests. Their lessons about beauty and timeless fashion rules have become so engrained into my daily routines over time that doing my makeup and choosing my clothes feels natural as opposed to learnt. I also find fashion inspiration in social media websites like Tumblr, Instagram and, my favourite, Pinterest. With varying examples of trends on each different social media site, it’s often hard to choose just one category of fashion to follow, which is why I find difficulty classifying my own style. I believe in embracing new trends and trying many different “flavours” of fashion. I don’t think that any person must stick to one style and one style only. I constantly try on different fabrics, colours and shapes at stores to learn what looks and feels best on my body each season. This may mean I dress like Ashley Olsen on Monday and like Miley Cyrus on Tuesday, but that’s just the way my closet works. I think that’s the beauty of having the internet as a source for fashion inspiration, and it’s for that reason that I wanted to become a part of the team here at CollegeFashionista. Here, the street styles of people living their everyday lives shows how fashion meets comfort sans carefully planned out photoshoots and runways. Now that’s inspirational!

I hope that my fluctuating style reflects on the different people I find interesting on campus every week, and I hope that the various styles encourage you to try something new too! Feel free to follow my CollegeFashionista Pinterest board where I will be posting links to my articles every week and of course keep meeting my fellow interns and I on CollegeFashionista’s main website for 24/7 fashion inspiration.


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