STYLE GURU BIO: Kristin Bell

Style Guru Bio

There is a quote somewhere that says that playing dress up starts as a child and never really ends. Another says that the way a person dresses is an extension of their personality. As kids we’d dress up like princesses or doctors, whatever we wanted to be when we grew up, so we would feel confident. I don’t think we ever really grow out of that – dressing how we feel and how we want to present ourselves. That’s why individual style is so intriguing; it says a lot about someone! Personally, I like finding items for my wardrobe that not many people have and mixing them with more conventional items — I like to scour through thrift stores and boutiques to find unique, funky pieces. Maybe this says that I am a little off-kilter, or maybe it just says that I yearn to be interesting!

My name is Kristin Bell (yes, like the actress) and I am a junior Marketing major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I’ve worked in retail for over four years and have learned a lot about styling, trends, and individual fashion personality from my jobs, as well as the people with whom I’ve worked. My passion for the fashion industry has blossomed from my experience and has led me to pursue a career in fashion merchandising.

As a Style Guru, my goal is to utilize my ever-evolving knowledge of fashion, trends and my interest in photography to capture the trendsetters on Miami’s campus. I want to learn more about their inspiration and am super excited to write the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK articles about the trends that Miami’s Fashionistas are sporting. I hope that my passion for style and fashion will show through in my articles!


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