STYLE GURU BIO: Kelyn Struiksma

Style Guru Bio

Hello Fashionistas/os! This is my first year as a Style Guru, and I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to express myself through the inspirational students of Azusa Pacific University. I will be hunting down and reporting the season’s bests for WHAT TO WEAR, featured each Thursday.

A favorite blogger of mine, Sydney Poulton, once wrote, “Style begins with the people passing through one’s life, the harbingers we push against and the style makers we want to clone. Some are famous, some not. Style grows from admiration, from longing, from discrimination—and, yes, from love. It’s all the places you’ve been to and the people and the moments you’ve known: the parts you’ve adopted, to keep forever, and transformed. We wear our history in our hearts and on our backs.” Poulton’s words are so beautifully written. Both you and I have a story. Fashion is a way to express the story we all have through something other than words. I love that through fashion I can connect with my peers and give them a chance to share their story.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and the California sunshine continues to shine overhead as I have made APU my temporary home. College has exceeded my expectations and is an adventure unlike anything else. I am a journalism major about to finish my sophomore year.

Over the years I have grown to develop a fairly simple style. Although I love the excuse to dress to the nines in a fun dress and a pair of Steve Madden heels, I am usually caught wearing cuffed jeans with classic white Converse All-Stars. My comfortable style tends to lend itself to fewer pieces that easily mix-and-match.

Some personal favorites this season are neutral sweaters for layering, colored cords and stud earrings. I often try to dress so that one simple change can either dress up or down the outfit to fit the occasion. For this featured outfit, replacing the chucks with a pair of booties is an easy change for a fun night out. Watch me this season as I go back to the basics and continue to cycle through my large collection of scarves.

Now as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista, I have voice where I can visually capture and blog my classmates’ stories. I hope through what I write, you can not only appreciate each story, but start to slowly piece together your own story and define what style means to you. Enjoy and keep reading!


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