STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Smith

Style Guru Bio

Before 2006 I had little interest in the world of fashion. I was just a typical middle school student wearing collared shirts, Sperry Top-Siders and khakis. Gaucho pants were usually as “trendy” as my wardrobe got. My style probably wasn’t as terrible as I remember it, but I credit myself with having a pretty awkward stage in my early teen years. When I started seventh grade in 2005, my older sister began her first year of college. I noticed her style evolving and maturing; I wanted to experience change as well. That following summer The Devil Wears Prada opened in theaters and completely enlightened me. Embarrassingly, I’ve seen the movie now over 50 times and still have it saved to my DVR.  Being from a rural part of Virginia, great fashion isn’t something you find all that often. The movie introduced me to the luxurious, fast paced and demanding industry. I was hooked. My interest in clothes and designers flourished, and I’ve yearned for a future in fashion since.

Becoming a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista is exactly the type of experience I want in order to land a career in the industry. I couldn’t be more thrilled to provide you with style advice every week this semester! This is my third year at Virginia Tech double majoring in journalism and apparel product development and merchandising management. As a Style Guru I have the opportunity to utilize acquired skills from both of my majors. I see so many diverse looks across my campus and want to bring those fashions straight to you! I hope to inspire you to try different styles and step outside the box.

Relinquishing my comfort zone was probably the most difficult part of developing a new style identity. I found it hard in my small school to transition to a completely new look, especially with the strict dress code enforced on us. Mixing styles became fun for me! One day I could dress preppy and the next super edgy. When I got to college, that idea didn’t change. I love playing with new trends. Combat boots are my favorite trend for winter. I am a big chunky sweater fan as well; I wear my thick knit cardigan all the time. Necklaces were a big part of my Christmas this year. I received a white horn necklace that resembles ivory. I literally try to pair it with everything.

So, it’s kind of like I can be a different person on any day. Because I don’t stick to just one look, I’m excited to show you a variety of styles while mine is still evolving as well!


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