STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Roadruck

Style Guru Bio

Hey, you dapper Fashionistas/os! My name is Kelsey Roadruck and I am a rising junior at Indiana University where I am majoring in Journalism and concentrating in Informatics. I am thrilled to return to CollegeFashionista as a former Style Guru. Each and every Tuesday you will find my personal take and twist on current runway fashion fads in CollegeFashionista’s brand new column, STYLE GURU STYLE.

Although we all wish it did, fashion isn’t a concept that comes easy to everyone. It wasn’t until I took Goodwill hunting to a very realistic level, sporting peculiar patterns and baggy blazers throughout my upperclassmen years of high school, that I discovered the art of fashion as a creative outlet for self-expression. Now, I love reviving retired wardrobe wonders—in moderation, of course.

Creating a reflection of yourself through your fashion choices and developing your style signature can be difficult but rewarding, and all it takes is a little exploration and some glitzy guts. You’ll find that becoming a Fashonista/o is all about trial and error, proof of which you’ll find in your junior high yearbook.

In regards to my personal preference, my style shifts more frequently than the weather. I love trying different trends, from grandmothers’ floral prints to Steven Tyler scarves; my closet is packed with a little bit of everything. Despite my ever-changing wardrobe, I do have a few go-to staples, which include button-down blouses, comfy cardigans and high-waisted anything. I also have an unhealthy appreciation for accessories. Some of my favorites include funky statement necklaces, decorative headbands as well as gold and pearl jewelry.

I’m looking forward to another stylish summer of reporting for CollegeFashionista from Indiana University. As always, I expect my Style Guru experience will be an allowance of journalistic growth and a rejuvenation of fashion-spiration. Plus, I really, really wanted a legitimate excuse to buy more clothes.


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