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Adorned stylist Judy Blame once said, “Shock doesn’t last very long. Surprise is always good. And fun? If you’re having fun it will always show.” This quote on fashion has become my favorite over time. It expresses how fashion is a form of freedom. It gives us the ability to express and shape ourselves through creativity. What could be more fun than that? Fashion offers us more than just being clothes. It’s a way of evolution. Just as we change, so does our style. I believe that is how my love for fashion began, by realizing how powerful style can be. Fashion helps us embrace who we are and who we aim to be. At the end of the day in the fast paced and ever-changing industry, fashion is just a beautiful form of art.

Hello, my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I’m Kelly Wallace, a double major in business and art history at Saint Joseph’s University. I’m more than enthusiastic to be returning with the CollegeFashionista family for my second semester at school, reporting for the new column, “What To Wear.” Street-style fashion is the most fabulous way to see how students are taking the latest trends as inspiration into their daily wear. There is always a little shock or surprise, but most of all fun for me. Having an internship where I’m able to combine my favorite hobbies, such as writing and photography, with meeting new people is wonderful. The streets are always lined with the Fashionista/os who give beauty to the world, so I’m more than happy to be one who captures them. There truly is never a dull moment!

My own personal style is taken from a little bit of everything around me. I love to draw inspiration from blogs, one of my favorites is Delight’s Closet. I’d like to say my style is a bit more classic with edge. Like these Free People boots I’m wearing in the photo above. Growing up in a creative household I was always told to express myself. Naturally, fashion seemed the best way possible. I was always encouraged to be myself. With a new semester comes new seasons, new trends and changes. I look forward to all the opportunities that CollegeFashionista has to offer. Keep an eye out for me running around campus with a camera always in hand. Know that I’ll be searching for you fellow Fashionista/os! Stay tuned for another great semester with the one-and-only CollegeFashionista family.



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