STYLE GURU BIO: Kelly Alexander

Style Guru Bio

From youth, I knew fashion was going to rule my world. At the age of seven, most girls have the dream of being a ballerina or a doctor. Fortunately, I was never like most girls. My dreams consisted of walking down a runway as a fashion model or being the next great designer. My childhood hobbies included creating endless outfits for my Barbie dolls with my miniature, pink sewing machine, coordinating each look with the previous. Today, I have upgraded my sewing machine, my outlook on fashion and developed my style.

As a junior Apparel Merchandising major at Illinois State University, I hope to bring my love for fashion behind-the-scenes. Fashion is an art form that not all people understand and appreciate. While some put style on the back burner, I find it as a beautiful way to express yourself and a fun way to draw out confidence in each and every day of your life. I watch a runway show and see a season of optimism, confidence and culture brought out in clothing.

As any true Fashionista would, I meticulously plan each outfit, utilizing every outlet I have access to for inspiration. Cara Delevingne being my current obsession, I love the daytime-grunge, nighttime-class style. I consider such style the best of both worlds. I lean towards neutrals colors and dark leather decorated with eye catching accessories. I find importance in accentuating the beautiful curves of the body, rather than distracting with colored prints and crazy shapes; not that I do not appreciate a bit of variety. Fashion is my career and my passion. Every day is my runway.

I cannot be more excited about this semester’s work with CollegeFashionista’s FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT column. I love drawing inspiration from street style and admiring the Fashionistas across campus, and I hope to inspire my beautiful readers in the same way.


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