STYLE GURU BIO: Kayley Cassady

Style Guru Bio

I’m Kayley. For starters, the best relationships are honest so I’ll be upfront with you that I am guilty of many things. I’m a girl guilty of online shopping during class lectures who smells of Yves Saint Laurent perfume and coffee, a girl who watches an entire season of a show on Netflix in one sitting, a girl who quotes movies in everyday conversation, a girl fluent in sarcasm and a girl who appreciates a good book, airport and concert. Although above all, fashion will always and forever triumph all.

I am stoked to start my second term as a CollegeFashionista intern! I am currently a first year student studying Public Relations and Marketing at Kansas State University. Coming from a small town in Wisconsin makes people ponder the question of, ‘How did a girl from such a small town become so fascinated with fashion?’ To be honest, I’m not quite sure where exactly my love of fashion came from considering my big brother is my best friend. I was the little girl who had two sides to her. One side was everything Barbie, Lip Smackers and glitter while the other side was Pokémon cards, wearing my Packers jersey and playing with Legos. After picking up my first Vogue thoughI began to invest in learning who the designers and brands were, what the businesses were all about and all things social media. Aside from this, there’s no denying that growing up around my mother and her sisters played a role too. Going out to dinner and sitting around a table with them is the closest thing I will get to the Sex and the City cast (hopefully not; fingers crossed).

With WHAT TO WEAR being my new topic for the spring semester, I’ll be bringing you a variety of styles to suit a wide range of events and occasions. Whether it be a Greek formal or a class presentation, there is something fashion forward to wear to every event. So here’s to another semester of new blog posts, street style photos and all things fashion!


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