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Style Guru Bio

Should old acquaintance be forgotten, and CollegeFashionista never brought to mind? No way! The official re-launch of the site and the recent birth of 2013 also bore your latest Style Guru! A Pre-medical, freshman Biology major at Illinois Wesleyan University, my name is Katie Stapleton and I will be bringing you style advice every week throughout the spring semester! How is some science nerd going to teach you the dos and don’ts of fashion? Trust me, I’ve learned some tricks of the trade, as my personal experience in the material world has been nothing less than a bumpy ride.

Not all girls are born with knowledge of how to be a girly-girl! In a family with a sporty mom and older sister, the right side of my brain (which controls creativity and expression of emotion) was definitely under developed. Things like highlighting facial features with makeup and using different products to hold down a hairstyle were easy lessons I learned through my numerous ballet performances. Unfortunately, the formation of fashion neurons did not come as easy. The other girls at school and a few teeny-bopper magazines inspired over-worked, over-matched looks from hippy to wannabe hipster. Junior high only contributed to the chaos, as it introduced me to preppy Hollister and the desire to be “unique,” which often came off as plain weird. Entering high school, my slow growing self-confidence gradually allowed me to stop following the crowd and start wearing things because I liked them. Instead of styles that were concrete black and white, I was finally able to use the brain’s gray matter to share the many shades, opinions and experiences of my life.

Fashion is truly art. Every morning when I roll out of bed and ask “What to wear today?” I revisit skills, such as complementarity and proportionality, that I learned in the one and only art class I took throughout my high school career. Creating a firm foundation with such basic concepts, my quirky personality and rare take on creativity have drawn me to a plethora of pieces with simple twists. Portraying all the looks from my past in a more mature and graceful manner, I hope to bring to all of you the new trends of the fast-approaching spring semester my way. Through my sense of fashion I hope to inspire you all to exercise and expand your mind, the most important tool given, to keep the world of fashion forever growing and advancing. Find yourself and use the privilege of being an individual to its fullest advantage.

Surprisingly, I don’t want to be a brain surgeon in the future! I plan to attend medical school, specializing in obstetrics and to (hopefully) have a daughter of my own, who will be the biggest baby Fashionista out there. For now, my pet hedgehog will have to deal with playing dress up, as I continue to look as stylish as possible in Free People, Lauren Conrad, Fossil and the 9th edition of Campbell’s General Biology.


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