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Howdy, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Katie Gassmann, and if you don’t already recognize my name or school from my previous semester as an ACCESSORIES REPORT writer, I will quickly fill you in. When I am not writing for CollegeFashionista or my own personal blog, The Style Duckling, I am a full time merchandising intern for Lands’ End. While some may think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I see it as a fantastic way to gain precious experience this summer before returning to Western Illinois University for my last year to finish my degree in Fashion Merchandising

I wasn’t always as involved with fashion as I am now. My younger years were spent in a combination of Rugrats overalls, animal T-shirts and soccer shorts. Now my style has drifted into the realm of “grunge prep” with an overarching theme of minimalism. Of course, like most women of fashion, black is my go-to uniform, especially black tank tops. I’ll frequently be seen carting around a leather bag (or backpack in this instance), and I firmly believe that there is never a bad time to wear a red lip. All of this is relevant to you as a reader because I have been given the honor of reporting for STYLE GURU STYLE this summer.

Each week, I will bring runway fashion into the real world by taking trends and pieces from top designer shows and translating them for college students all over the globe. The task is quite daunting, but my motto is this: if you don’t make a few fashion mistakes, that means you aren’t pushing your limits. Just like running, styling and fashion are muscles that need to be pushed, stretched and strengthened to reach their full potential.

Last semester, I learned to look at outfits in a completely new light. Scanning my campus for people with not only good outfits, but good accessories, made me truly appreciate the depth and intricacies of fashion. Coordinating a top and skirt is getting dressed, but putting together the shoes, necklace, bag and tights that go with it creates an outfit. I learned so much about how other Fashionistas and Fashionistos express themselves with the details, and I even learned how to better my own outfits by coming to appreciate the intricacies and layers of accessorizing.

This summer, I hope to take on a new learning challenge and merge the worlds of runway and street style fashion for Fashionistas who might struggle with taking things to the next level. Is there a trend you would like to see? I can’t speak for other Style Gurus, but I know I always love getting an email or two that isn’t from an automated system. Send me one or shoot me a tweet! It’s going to be a one fun summer, I can already tell.


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