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Welcome back, everyone! I am overjoyed to begin my third semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. My time as a Style Guru has been a journey in and of itself, both personally and stylistically. This internship has taught me how to show my personality through my clothing; my style has shifted from overly preppy to a more minimalistic, urban look (a much needed change)! I’ve also learned to refine my fashion eye to spot campus Fashionistas/os with a real confidence in their fashion choices.

I’m often asked why I love fashion so much, or why I am so obsessed with interning for CollegeFashionista. To put it simply, since becoming involved in the fashion world, I’ve found it completely intoxicating. When flipping through Vogue, it’s no secret that fashion is an entirely unique form of art. To this day, the “Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty” exhibit at the MET was one of the most brilliant art exhibits I have ever seen. I am enthralled by the way in which style acts as a form of silent communication. To me, it’s beautifully perplexing that we’re able to pick clothes that say so much about us, or how two people with nothing in common can fall in love with the same piece. There’s an incredible amount of depth to a world that is often condemned as shallow and materialistic.

This semester, I am thrilled to be writing the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column, giving my advice on this season’s trends. While we may be entering spring semester, it feels like the farthest thing from spring here in New England. The consistently chilly weather and the frequent snowfall have me longing for the blissfully breezy spring weather. However, I find dressing for winter so much more fun. I absolutely love layering. From chunky scarves and knits to beanies and blazers, there are so many pieces to play around with in the cold weather. As we transition through the seasons, I am inspired by the traditional British fashion look (think classic Burberry). A trench coat, scarf and a great pair of leather boots can go a long way.

As I progress through my internship as a Style Guru, I can only hope to continue having an amazing time, continue learning how to better my writing and continue bringing you fun and interesting articles every week!


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