STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Dempsey

Style Guru Bio

Hello Fashionistas! I couldn’t be more excited to be back for a second semester with CollegeFashionista. My name is Katie Dempsey and I am currently in my last semester of undergrad studying Philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Over the past year I have lived in London, Paris and back in Boulder, last semester receiving the opportunity to work for CollegeFashionista. This time has made me incredibly aware of the style and trends that surround me. I feel that the way you present yourself in the world is so much more than just picking something out of your closet. I feel that my own style is cultivated from every aspect of my life and that the environments around me affect my style greatly. Most importantly I believe that when you feel confident in your clothes you will exert confidence in all aspects of life.

I love having the opportunity to observe and document the trends that surround me on campus. Not only do they inspire me to constantly change and alter my own looks but also having the opportunity to photograph and write on an amazing template such as CollegeFashionista is nothing short of the best. While in school I study Philosophy I feel that exploring different facets of my interests is the only way to keep my creative juices flowing. Fashion is something I feel incredibly passionate about and being able to sharpen my skills in the field is not only a professional gain but a personal one as well.

Fashion is something that has always allured me in my life and one day I hope to pursue a career in the field. Last semester I gained valuable experience writing the WHAT TO WEAR column and I couldn’t be more excited to have a different challenge this semester writing for STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. I hope that you all are just as excited as me to start this new semester and that I will be seeing you back here soon!


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