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Hiya, I’m Kate! I’m a junior at the University of Kansas studying Journalism and Psychology. I grew up in a suburb of Dallas and didn’t figure out how much I loved it until I had to leave. While my Texas obsession has slowly become less obnoxious (the state flag still hangs next to my bed), my appreciation for Lawrence and KU grows more each semester as I realize I actually have to graduate soon. Ew.

I feel silly saying, “I love fashion!” because that’s almost inherently every gal around. It’s just about as common as a guy saying he likes watching football while ingesting a stupid amount of beer. So I won’t say that; though, I have a concerning number of fashion books and magazines I’ve collected since I could get away with swooping my mom’s issues of People. Grown ups always say you should have a job you’re obsessed with, and the only way I know I can do that is if I do something in fashion.

I’ve been reading CollegeFashionista the past few years I’ve been at KU out of curiosity of what people wear at other schools and to follow articles friends of mine have written as former Style Gurus. Thus, I’m incredibly excited to be writing the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column this spring. Not only am I looking forward to reporting trends from one of the prettiest campuses around (at least I think so), I’m hoping this opportunity will allow me to become a better writer, photographer and overall dresser!


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