Style Guru Bio: Karolína Kučerová

Style Guru Bio

I remember flipping through Harper’s Bazaar magazine at an early age and dreaming that I owned all the haute couture clothing. My mother would always take my siblings and I to the thrift store and I would hate going. The clothes smelled and everything seemed disorganized. As I grew older my disliking of thrift stores changed when I started to find high quality clothing for just a few dollars. Of course it always takes a while to find something good when you are hunting through all of the rubbish. I have become pretty skilled at spotting the gold through my plentiful thrift visits.

If I was to describe my personal style I’d have to admit that it is forever changing as I am exposed to new environments and aesthetics. I love to experiment with mixing the perfect texture, patterns and colors when I put together and outfit. Some things that I hold close to my heart are high-waist pants and shorts and cropped tops, high-quality athletic leggings and my nice pair of white Reebok Freestyles. I also love real leather and fur and refuse to wear pleather or acrylic (sorry PETA).

When it was time to pick a major for college I resorted to my only interest, fashion. I am now a sophomore studying Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Marketing at Kent State University. I really love our Fashion School’s classes and our teachers are very knowledgeable. This year I was chosen to be one of the five members for the new Fashion School Director’s Student Council. The council tackles the Fashion School’s four main objections that our Fashion School Director, J. R. Campbell, has put forth. Directly contributing to the Fashion School by providing a student perspective has been more than intrinsically rewarding.

I really hope to study abroad in Hong Kong next year and was lucky enough to study abroad in Slovakia when I was a junior in high school. I am a first generation American, as both of my parents are from Europe. I spent eight months living with my aunt in a small village and attended a private high school nearby. The fashion there is very elegant and luckily I have adapted the chic style into my own personal style. I think that everyone needs to travel overseas to broaden their views as well as their own wardrobe.

I really enjoy clothing because of how it makes me feel when I wear it. When I don’t like what I’m wearing I don’t feel as comfortable and confident. I’m not saying that I flaunt formal wear everywhere, but I do enjoy mixing a nice casual outfit when I go to class. I guess you can call me materialistic, but I wouldn’t mind working with clothing everyday. I don’t have a set mind for a certain job in the fashion industry but I have high hopes. ‘Till then I am very academically driven and involved within Kent’s Fashion School.


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