STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Purcell

Style Guru Bio

Hello! My name is Julia Purcell, and I am a New Jersey transplant living in Manhattan. I am a freshman at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, studying Journalism and Music. I have previously written for a music website, so the world of fashion is somewhat uncharted territory for me. However, I am so excited to be a Style Guru this semester and to have the opportunity to share the unique style of my fellow New School students.

Living in New York City allows me to constantly reinvent my style, which is admittedly scattered. I fluctuate from boho with my favorite pair of harem pants and turquoise jewelry to classic New York with my two-tone trench to grunge with my collection of leather jackets and band tees. I enjoy mixing these styles to create something unique and unexpected, but always incorporate some of my fashion staples to tie it together. My vintage Dr. Martens 1461s are almost always on my feet. When paired with another one of my staples, black thigh-high socks, they add a grungy feel to some of more feminine outfits. When I’m feeling a little lazy, I always throw on my black high-waisted jeans because they work with virtually every top in my wardrobe.

With an ever fashionable and supportive mother, I learned from the best how to put outfits together and was free to take fashion risks from a young age. She instilled confidence in me and a desire to always look put together. I adore the remnants of her ’90s wardrobe and I’m constantly stealing her clothes to this day. In addition to my mother’s influence, musicians from past decades massively inspire my style. The carefree style of ‘60s rock stars like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and the DIY ethics of ‘70s punk bands have made a huge impact on the way I dress. Furthermore, these musicians taught me if you have enough attitude and confidence, you will look fantastic no matter what you’re wearing. Bruce Springsteen wore a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans for the majority of his career and looked inexplicably cool because of the way he wore them.

While my style can be eclectic, it is nothing compared to the fashions I have seen on my peers. The New School is trademarked by creativity and innovation, qualities that can also be ascribed to the students’ styles. From designer handbags to heavy, ornate tribal jewelry, accessories at The New School never fall into the background of an outfit. I will be writing the ACCESSORIES REPORT this semester, so be sure to check that out every Friday!


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