STYLE GURU BIO: Josh Kongmany

Style Guru Bio

Hello, my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos!! My name is Josh and I’m a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Germanic Literature and Culture. Foreign languages has always been my forte. I really enjoy listening to other people’s stories, and by having an expansive knowledge of different languages I’m able to hear more of them. Foreign languages connect me to the rest of the world, to people and to new possibilities.

I feel as if fashion has the same uniting effect. Through the love of garments, I’ve met so many interesting people: from chic hipsters in Berlin cafés to Parisian students at a photo shoot. I believe that fashion is a universal language—a mode of communication and expression that transcends cultural differences.

I never confine myself to a certain look. My personal style is influenced by my imagination and the beauty in the world around me. One day, I could be wearing an ensemble that’s worthy of being in a J.Crew catalog, and the next, I’d look like I just time traveled from the 1960s. One shouldn’t restrict oneself because fashion is a living thing with which we must coexist.

For some college students, “getting ready for class” could mean slipping into a pair of sweatpants. For others, it could mean throwing on the cleanest thing that they found laying on the floor. But getting ready in the morning for me is a meticulous, yet energizing process. The outfit that I create plays a huge role in how I feel for the remainder of the day. Clothes have a powerful effect on me: with a good outfit on, I feel as if I could destroy the world.

Fashion is rarely a solo mission, so let’s get dressed to kill and destroy the world together.


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