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Style Guru Bio

Are you ready for a killer summer? No matter whether you’re taking classes, going abroad or having a good ol’ stay-cation in your hometown, I’m here to keep you updated on the latest fashion. My name is Joanna, and I’m  majoring in Advertising & Public Relations at Loyola University Chicago with a minor in Marketing and a handful in classes in graphic design. My love of fashion is only eclipsed by my love of trees. Nope, that’s a lie; I’d say they’re pretty neck in neck.

Summer style can be tricky, as one’s first inclination is to throw on any tank within arm’s reach and hit the beach. My style has recently taken a turn toward minimalism. Gone are my neons. I’m saying arrivederci to my prints as I say hello to perfect white T-shirts and more black jeans.  Because of this, I have slowly been purging my closet of color. I am entering neutral territory. Sure, a flash of royal blue and a pop of red are still here and there (I have an unusual fondness for red dresses), but they definitely take a back seat to the abundance of black, white and gray.

Off-the-shoulder silhouettes are my new obsession. I have been scouring ASOS and Shopbop trying to hunt down a shirt or dress that doesn’t harken back to the ’80s, and it’s been quite a task. I finally stumbled upon this lace number at Urban Outfitters (on sale!), and could not have been happier. I love billowing silhouette of this Rosie Assoulin number, and I am so feeling the island vibes from this Zara dress.

Birkenstocks, the shoe of choice for my 8th grade class, are making a comeback. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, but I think I’ll stick with my mom’s trusty old Dr. Scholl’s for now. My flip-flops have now been relegated to the dark, dusty corners of my closet. There is, however, a pair of Arizona Birkenstocks by Opening Ceremony x Magritte that are calling my name. Fast fashion brands are also jumping on the slide bandwagon, with Zara offering a great minimalist version reminiscent of Cèline.

As much fun it is to follow trends, keep in mind that sometimes you just have to buck the rules. Some things I’m fond of like bolo ties, the half-tuck, wearing silver rings with gold necklaces aren’t exactly “traditional.” In fact, my high school calculus teacher called me out to ask if I knew my earrings were different, and one day I was asked multiple times if I worked in a hair salon, for I was wearing all black. But hey, if you like it wear it.


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