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Hello fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I am Jing Chen, a senior student at Purdue University. I’m currently majoring in horticulture production and marketing, with food agribusiness management and art design minors. This is my first time to write for CollegeFashionista. I’m so excited and thrilled for the upcoming semester!

I knew CollegeFashionista in an occasional chance. A schoolmate shared the link of her first post from CollegeFashionista in a Chinese social network site RenRen. I hit the link and found there was a website specifically for college fashion and that all the Style Gurus were college students. As a fashion lover, I generated the idea to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista one day.

My interest in fashion began with the first Vogue I saw in my aunt’s house. I was a fifth-grade pupil but I was strongly appealed by the colorful apparels. My love in fashion keeps increasing along with the years passing by. Being a fashion insider has become my dream career. I’m always keeping an eye on the fashion industry, including current trends, specific hot items, high-end designers, fast fashion, street-style and college daily wear. I enjoy browsing magazines and fashion blogs to check the latest fashion news and fresh looks and shopping online.

From my perspective, fashion is an attitude of life. People in different realms can associate their life with fashion. As a horticultural student, my daily wardrobe could sometimes be inspired by the colorful flowers. My personal style keeps changing over time. I’m a mix and match lover. I admire Miranda Kerr’s chic daily wear and I’m a fan of super model Wen Liu’s street-style. Inspired by several street-styles, fashion icons and celebrities, I’m keen on picking unique pieces within my budget and incorporating these looks into my own wardrobe. However, a classic look is always my primary choice. I definitely would purchase classic items, such as a basic trench coat, a pair of ballet flats or white and black T-shirts and pairing one or two my favorite unique pieces to brighten the whole look up.

I’m enthusiastic about fashion photography. I was a photojournalist for two years for College Press, which enabled me to obtain an abundant, practical photography experience.  I’m conducting a street-style snapping work for a Chinese magazine, Voice I AM, at Purdue, which captures Fashionistas and Fashionistos around the campus and posts street-style photos online every week. I always do street-style shooting with my friends and I really enjoy it!

As I’ll write for the “What to Wear” column this semester, I will really look forward to catching trendsetters around campus and sharing my views of what to wear in different occasions with you all!


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