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Hello fellow Fashionistas! My name is Jessica Wu and I’m a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology, located in one of the most exciting places in the world—New York City.

I first came into contact with the exhilarating world of fashion in sixth grade when I took my first look at a fresh issue of Vogue at my aunt’s house. As I absorbed the hues, textures and pure beauty of the images, it occurred to me that I would, without a doubt, pursue a career in fashion in the future. Ever since that day, the twelve-year-old self that was intrigued by the brilliance of Ghesquière and Valentino has remained with me and that same passion continues to grow. It’s led me to dabble in various fashion-related things throughout middle and high school: My freshman year I launched a fashion blog dedicated to my personal style and included various inspirations such as fashion editorials, the runways of fashion week and do-it-yourself projects. Through my blog, I was able to work with local and global brands, meet fantastic and stylish people and experience a world and an industry that I became determined to enter.

My dreams were realized when I was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology as a fashion merchandising management major last fall. Although the end purpose of the program is to become a buyer, there’s no guarantee as to what I will eventually be doing; it really is not a problem as long as I truly love what I do. With that said, my last few months in New York, academically and otherwise, have been nothing short of incredible. Upon my arrival, I was able to meet with an astonishing group of talented young individuals whom I now work with on a regular basis. Since the beginning of last October, I’ve been working as a freelance stylist on the side, subway-ing from school to a photoshoot when I have the time. It’s truly a privilege and a pleasure to be able to work with immensely gifted photographers, amazing showrooms and designers, and world-class modeling agencies and their talent. Although it has only been a few months since I began styling out of a favor, I cannot wait to see what else it has to offer me in the future.

With fashion as a guiding force in my life both personally and educationally, it’s a pleasure for me to share my stylistic perspective and aesthetic when it comes to scouting the best dressed on my campus!


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