STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Whitlow

Style Guru Bio

Hello! I am Jessica Whitlow, a current University of Washington student and self-declared fashion addict. I am so excited to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team for a second term. I can’t wait to continue writing for such a great site, what a great opportunity. Currently, I am on the road to becoming a communications major and hoping to break into the fashion industry someway, somehow. For now I set my sights on writing about what I love: clothing.

Whether it is born or bred, I certainly caught the fashion bug early in life. Maybe it was countless shopping trips with my family (especially my dad who loved to shop for shoes) or maybe it was my older sister’s magazines that flooded our house growing up, my fascination with the industry has never dimmed. I love looking at magazines, blogs and even people walking around campus. Style is everywhere and I love soaking it in. I am continually inspired by the people I see around me and their personalities actualized in beautiful articles of clothing.

I am a  Northern Californian born and raised, more specifically an Oakland native,  I believe my style reflects that; hints of feminine accents with flowy, relaxed, shirts and a great pair of jeans. I am currently obsessed with a pair of dark green jeans—a recent purchase from the Gap. I am an avid crafter; nothing is more satisfying than slipping on one of your own creations and being complimented on it.  I love great comfy T-shirts with tailored pieces (like a well-fitted blazer). I believe with the right help, patience, bravery, and of course practice anyone can become a Fashionista.

Style, to me, is an outward expression of a person. It’s wearable art! We can all embrace our creativity with color and bold accessories, great jeans or even our most comfortable shirts, combinations and inspiration are endless. Confidence will always follow. I strive for the moment when someone says “I love your outfit,” the sudden burst of confidence, the pep in your step, the brightness in your day—it is all attainable with a simple well put together outfit. Being a Fashionista isn’t hard, it is in your grasp—take hold of it and soar with confidence!


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