STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Ciesielski

Style Guru Bio

My name is Jessica Ciesielski and I will be a freshman this fall at Loyola University Chicago. I plan on studying Marketing and Advertising in the hopes of becoming a Marketing Manager for Nordstrom. Although I am not majoring in Journalism, I have a real passion for writing and am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team this summer! I will be covering the AROUND TOWN segment and be updating readers on the current fashion happenings in the Chicago area.

Contrary to numerous Fashionistas/os, my interest in fashion did not spark early on as a child, but when I was a teenager. I went through a tomboy phase as a young girl because I was incredibly self conscious of my body and was clueless when it came to dressing myself. However, as I transitioned into my teen years, I started to gain a better understanding on how to accentuate my assets and started to take pride in all of my outfits. Now as an adult, I have become very comfortable in my own skin and have learned to dress in a way that always makes me feel fabulous and confident! This drastic change led me to develop a huge appreciation and love for fashion.

For me personally, I strongly believe that fashion remains the absolute best way for a person to express themselves. As youthful, energetic and curious college students, I feel as though we are all trying to create our own paths and find out who we are as individuals. With that being said, I find it absolutely vital for each and every one of us to develop our own unique sense of style by experimenting; whether it be incorporating new trends, mixing prints or even channeling a completely different era. It is crucial for us all to test the waters and be bold! I also feel as though a person’s outfit says a lot about their character and truly makes a lasting impression on others. No matter what the mood or occasion is, there will always be the perfect outfit to enhance the moment. This in turn leads me to live by Tom Ford’s wise and influential words, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” I am a huge believer in both dressing well and manners, so I don’t think Tom Ford could have said it any better!

As a Style Guru, I fully intend to showcase all the exciting people, places and events I come across this summer. I am hoping that my column will inspire other Fashionistas/os to branch outside their comfort zone and try to find some trendy, underground places and events in their area!


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