STYLE GURU BIO: Jerusaliem Gebreziabher

Style Guru Bio

My name is Jerusaliem Gebreziabher and I am a third year student at the University of Michigan. I am double concentrating in Political Science and Communication Design & Photography. I am also pursuing a minor in Community Action and Social Change. On campus I serve as a Photoblogger for The Michigan Daily Newspaper, Staff Photographer for WCBN Radio Ann Arbor, Manager of Member Development for Alpha Phi Sorority, Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator for What the F Magazine and team member at Shei Magazine (one of the nations largest student run fashion publications).

From a very young age I felt extremely drawn to art in nearly every form, but had a particular knack for photography. I would beg my parents to buy me a disposable camera at every trip to the grocery store until I received my first digital camera at ten years old, the Canon Powershot 600. My love for photo fused with travel and intercultural studies when I my parents took me on a summer trip to Ethiopia, an African country booming with natural aesthetic beauty. From that summer on, I was certain of a few things about myself — I wanted to capture moments in time on film, be an explorer and recreate the allure of the world as I saw it.

Today, I still find myself passionate about many of things I was passionate about in my childhood — photography, art, exploration and consuming as much candy as humanly possible. But I’ve discovered my heart expanding towards other mediums of expression as I carve through my young adult life. Living in Paris and Florence in the spring/summer of 2011 sparked an immense longing to become part of the fashion world, an artistic playground that dazzled and shocked me in a way much different than photographs did. As of right now, I’m just continuing to explore different avenues of expression and being as open as I can to new possibilities.


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