STYLE GURU BIO: Jasmine Alvarado

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My name is Jasmine Alvarado and I am currently a sophomore studying English at San Diego Miramar College. My plans for the future include becoming a writer and an English college professor. I absolutely love music, writing and fashion. That is kind of the whole reason why I applied for this internship. I am really exited to be a part of the Style Guru team this semester. I plan to write about fashion in the near future and CollegeFashionista seemed like a great way to begin that road.

My style is definitely retro-’50s, ’60s and a little bit of ’80s. I’d say the word that best describes it would be vintage. I just normally wear a bit of anything I like. I absolutely love rediscovering old clothes, matching them with something new and creating a whole new outfit. You can say I find my “inspiration” in clothes themselves. I also really like to wear crop-top t-shirts and high top shirts, but I have always got to have those skinny jeans. Fashion for me is a form of art, so there’s not a piece of clothing that I wouldn’t wear. I see something and I immediately look for ways to wear it. My favorite fashion item would have to be skirts. I am completely obsessed with them, especially high-waist skirts.

As I said before, music is also a big part in my life. I am obsessed with music. There is no way I will dislike any kind of music; as long as it’s good, I always find a way to like it. I am always discovering new artists and learning about their personal style. Going to concerts is also a way to discover new fashion. I love going to music concerts during my free time and seeing each individual’s different persona reflected by his/her unique style. I am always complimenting people on their style and asking about it.

I’ve seen so many Fashionistas during the past semester. I already know there is going to be plenty more during this semester as I’ll be a part of the Style Guru team. I plan on catching all of them, so watch out for them every week!



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