STYLE GURU BIO: Jamie Madere

Style Guru Bio

People tend to say that your college career is all about the journey and who you meet. I could not agree more with that statement, and CollegeFashionista has played a major role throughout my time in Knoxville. I am on my third and final semester with CollegeFashionista for the University of Tennessee and I cannot believe how fast the time is flying. When I started my journey with CollegeFashionista, I was the only Style Guru and now we have four! I have loved seeing CollegeFashionista grow here on Rocky Top and I hope it will continue to do so. Becoming a Style Guru was originally an internship that I wanted so I could gain experience and improve my writing, but now, I feel like it is so much more than experience gained. It has turned into my little child that makes me so excited when people tell me that they read and enjoy my posts.

Fashion and I go way back to when I was old enough to dress myself. While this may have led me awry once or twice (I wore a gymnastics leotard under overalls one time—cue gasp.), I believe it has given me a certain sensitivity to what and how I piece an outfit together.  My style varies with new trendy pieces, but I am always partial to a solid classic piece. It is how you evolve those pieces into new combinations that make it unique, and that is one driving force behind my wardrobe. The other driving force is some future-forecasting-fashion trend-type tool that wires my brain to be on the hunt for a particular item. I yet to have found what sparks this phenomenon in me, but it never leads me wrong. It is usually a spinoff of a classic item, such as leopard loafers, studded/patterned blazers, leather shorts and bold pencil skirts. I have and will always love high-waisted everything.

I love designer and high quality items, but this girl on a college budget is not prejudiced to bargain finds. It irks me when people use the word “cheap” referring to fashion. Today, everyone can look chic in less expensive clothing and you can find good design at a decent price. Karl Lagerfeld says it best, “You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans—it’s up to you.” I am so excited to bring you another semester filled with Knoxville’s most trendy people for FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT. To my loyal band of CollegeFashionista followers and to the Fashionistas and Fashionistos who are just finding this incomparable website, I hope you enjoy the stylish students I plan to showcase from the University of Tennessee.


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