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My name is Jamey Hastings and today marks the beginning of my final semester with CollegeFashionista. I’m a senior (tear) at The University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Communication Arts and International Studies, with an unacceptable obsession with shoes. My first semester I reported from the eclectic town of Madison, Wisconsin then traveled over 4,000 miles to report from the Italian hub of street style—Florence, Italy. Continuing on from last semester, I’ll report once again from the great town of Madison.

Growing up in a beach town in Los Angeles has significantly influenced my personal style more than any magazine, designer or celebrity. In Los Angeles there is somewhat of an “I’m going to wear what I want and you’re going to like it” feel to the people wandering the huge city. With weather scarcely being an influential factor in the day-to-day decision one makes in the morning (complete opposite in Madison), one is basically allowed to wear anything they desire. Boots during the summer? Acceptable. Heels to breakfast? Acceptable. White after Labor Day? Acceptable.

Although surprising to my native LA collegiates, Madison has a similar atmosphere. The town if full of lively, unique characters who aren’t afraid to make the sidewalk their runway. A walk down State Street on a sunny day is like reading the latest issue of Nylon magazine.

However, spending five impeccable months living in Italy and traveling to various surrounding countries further exposed myself to great fashion I’d be deprived of before. Italy has certainly taught me every which way to wear leather and without going to Amsterdam, my purse collection would be much more boring. I’ve learned that Europeans always go an extra inch with their outfit, whether it is adding colorful socks to their oxfords or a statement necklace to their already bold shirt.

So with all these great, fashionable cities behind me, how would I describe my personal style? LF Stores had a love child with the Pacific Ocean and put on a pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes—trendy with a beachy, laidback feel. I’m not afraid to wear bold pieces or six-inch heels (even though I’m tall). Fashion is art. A way of making a personal statement to the world.

This spring I’ll be writing for the new column WHAT TO WEAR and probably buying one too many pairs of shoes.


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