STYLE GURU BIO: James Michael Vela

Style Guru Bio

Hi there Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is James Michael Vela, and today kicks off my second year as a Style Guru at South Texas College. My first year as a Style Guru was amazing and definitely one I’ll never forget. From volunteering at SXSW in Austin, Texas to visiting the lovely CollegeFashionista team in the New York City office, the chance to contribute to an amazing company is such a dream and an opportunity I will cherish forever.

As always, my style this season will revolve around my love for denim. Whether sporting this durable fabric in the form of garments or accessories, incorporating denim into my wardrobe will allow for plenty of opportunities to add some style to each of my ensembles. Color, of course, will also be a must this semester. A pair of vibrant sneakers or an eye-catching school bag will add the perfect finishing touch to my look on any given day. As of late, it seems like Fashionistos everywhere are taking more chances when it comes to expressing themselves through fashion. The thrill of snapping a photo of a daring Fashionisto and showcasing his wonderful sense of style on CollegeFashionista is something that will always excite me.

My internship with CollegeFashionista has been phenomenal, and there is no doubt this year will be even better than the last. I hope you all have a wonderfully stylish semester and make sure to check back every Tuesday to discover the latest trends Fashionistos are rocking on my campus!


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