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Hello world, or at least the people that I told to read this (yeah, you, Mom). If you read no further than this sentence all you need know to understand me is that I am a student of life. If I have a passion for one thing, it’s learning everything and anything about the world around me, which over the years have included many things: tea, sushi, poetry, bicycling, love, tennis and anything that comes in between, not the least of which is fashion.

Well, I guess I should introduce myself now, my name is James Breen and I am a recent Chemical Engineering graduate from Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY.  This year I will be finishing off my masters in Chemical Engineering at Manhattan and after that it’s off to law school to become a patent lawyer. This will be my thrid semester as a Style Guru and I am so excited to be back. If there is one thing I learned from my first two semesters about being a Style Guru, it’s that before you ask to take someone’s picture make sure you tell them you write for CollegeFashionista, it helps to make it less creepy.

So how does a chemical engineer who wants to become a lawyer get a gig at a fashion blog?  No, really, I’m asking you because I still can’t figure it out. How did fashion become one of my passions, that I can answer. While I firmly believe it is what’s on the inside that matters most in life, no one can argue that the way you dress, what you wear and the way you present yourself has a huge impact on your life. The way people look at, judge, and interact with you is a direct effect of the way you appear, not to mention, who doesn’t love putting on that new dress, those new jeans or shoes that fit just right?

Once I got into the fashion world all those moons ago, I was hooked on everything from the glint of the diamonds, the extravagance of the runway and the rush of finding that great deal.  My fashion philosophy is simple, find what fits, find what you love and find it cheap.  That motto not only affects my personal clothing choices but it defines what I am drawn to in fashion, and that’s what I will bring to you each week–how to get the next and best and how to do it on a college budget.


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