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Hi, everyone! I’m so happy to be welcomed into the CollegeFashionista team for another season and reason to write about fashion! I previously wrote for the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS category. And even though I surrounded myself with stylish Fashionistos all spring, I am excited for my fresh start with STYLE GURU STYLE.

My state of West Virginia is great; however, when I have time to go and explore, I’m a sucker for those are-we-there-yet road trips. It’s safe to say that I will be equivalent to a nomad this summer, with intentions of a dozen of those in mind. With the spirit of spontaneity in mind, I’m ready to come in every week with a variety of new trends, while incorporating the old, but never forgotten classics.

One of my favorite styles this season definitely deals with versatility, comfort and of course, the season’s trends: a nice pair of knitted shorts. My favorite pair has a red pattern that I like to complement with gold accessories. They are loose and breezy for the hopeful, tropical weather that I plan to enjoy all season, while creating enough movement to go on a walk without readjusting yourself every-so-often. I can’t wait to purchase a top to turn my favorite pair of knitted shorts into a set that even the store will wonder why they didn’t initially match them together. Keep in mind: either the top or bottom will be always cute enough to wear either together or apart. It always makes me sleep better at night when I know I am getting every penny’s worth out of my purchases!

To me, this summer is about the warm weather and endless opportunity– contemplations on whether I should use my extra cash on HauteLook, late night pizza and ice cream urges, debates between sunscreen or suntan oil and always deciding to dine outside beneath cute umbrellas over air conditioning– overall, ample time with family and friends (distant and close). During all of our summer fashion experiments, it’s a great idea to try funky sunglasses, choose bold colors and be confident in loud patterns. Let’s be fun this summer, Fashionistas!


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