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Holy moly! It seems like it was just yesterday I was sitting in my neighborhood Starbucks crafting my very first ACCESSORIES REPORT for CollegeFashionista. Now in the blink of an eye I’m finding myself about to embark on my third semester with this fabulous community, and I couldn’t be more excited or proud to share my passion for fashion with you all.

My journey as a Style Guru has been nothing but wonderfully positive experiences. Not only has it made me a more creative and prolific writer, but it has definitely opened my eyes to all of the trends and styles on campus that I admittedly wasn’t completely aware of beforehand. Regardless of Saint Mary’s College of California being a tiny liberal arts school nestled in the heart of the Bay Area, I’ve still been lucky enough to be able to fully experience the fun and extensive world of college fashion.

When I first started at Saint Mary’s College of California, my personal style was definitely not nearly as refined as it is today. Being surrounded by such a diverse mix of people with eclectic tastes in fashion has definitely influenced my constantly evolving wardrobe for the better. I used to prefer to stick to the basics and only wear jeans and sneakers, but now going into my senior year, I’ve thankfully learned to finally take some risks and wear more pieces that make a statement.

I don’t believe that fashion needs to be anything excessively flashy or complicated. Instead, I think it’s all about wearing what makes you feel the best about yourself and being able to creatively express who you are as an individual.  My ridiculous love for thrift store flannels probably makes me seem like a bum, but I don’t think there’s anything better than pairing them with a little black dress and my favorite pair of chunky combat boots. In short, I love anything black, oversized and distressed; but once in a while I may be shockingly caught in a girly floral dress as well!

I’m probably not what many would consider to be the typical Fashionista, but that’s what the beautiful thing about fashion is—it’s different for everybody and there aren’t any rules or definitive standards that need to be followed. That being said, as a summer writer for STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK, I’ll be providing easy tips that anybody can incorporate into their day to day style. I hope to be a source of inspiration and genuinely look forward to being able to expose you all to the world of fashion as seen through my eyes!


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