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Bonjour! I’m Grace and I’m currently a third year UCSB student, studying abroad in Lyon, France. If you’re like me exactly a year ago, you’ve probably never heard of Lyon before. Well, as I have come to learn over the past few months, Paris isn’t the only French city à la mode. Lyon is an unfamiliar city with a countless number of hidden Fashionista/os and I can’t wait to unveil the best of the best to you over the next few months! I’ll be spotting out (only the coolest) trendsetters from the Lumière University Lyon to write the ACCESSORIES REPORT, as well as FASHION FROM ABROAD, so make sure to look out for my posts every Friday!

Growing up in the heart of Los Angeles and attending a high school that was on the corner of Fairfax (known for its urban street wear stores) and Melrose Avenue (according to Wikipedia, “an internationally renowned shopping destination”), it was hard not to be influenced by fashion. I was able to witness a variety of styles everyday. From the Harajuku-Barbie-nothing-but-pink babes shopping at Tarina Tarantino, to the nonchalant, but oddly and surprisingly still well-dressed boys skating outside the Supreme store. These different styles definitely made an impact on my fashion sense but the greatest wave of influence has to have been… thrifting.

If you check out my OOTDs, I guarantee, you will find at least one thrifted item in my ensemble. You can’t blame me though; my high school literally transformed itself into a flea market every Sunday. While others would have avoided school at all cost on the weekends, I looked forward to the weekends so that I could thrift! I don’t know what exactly I love so much about it. Is it the thrill of finding something that could have once had deep meaning to someone, and by having that item, I am somehow a witch who captured a part of their soul? Or maybe it’s just the simple delight and wonder of being able to wear something that sets you in a different time period. Either way, I love it!

As I’ve mentioned, I love to mix and match different styles, and in case I haven’t emphasized it enough yet, I especially love clothes that have been thrifted. In fact, with the exception of my Marc Jacobs sunglasses, everything from the outfit in my bio was thrifted. From the Macklemore-esque fur coat and Medusa graphic repeat dress to the square-toed combat boots! It’s true I get a lot of stares for my outfits every once in a while (this one attracted a lot of eyes at a park in Barcelona), but fashion has no bounds. I like to believe that fashion is about having fun and it’s an extension of your personality. If it makes you feel happy and confident, wear it! Don’t let the opinion of others cloud your judgment. As the great Queen Bey once said, “We flawless.”


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