STYLE GURU BIO: Flavia Stana

Style Guru Bio

Hi. Ce faci? Ça va? These five words in three different languages tell a simple yet surprisingly complete story of the three main cities I call home. Although I boast Bucharest as my hometown and Vancouver as the city where I was raised, there exists one more city which has undeniably won over my heart. If home is where the heart is, then Montreal has truly become my home in the past three and a half years. It’s difficult to encapsulate the beauty of Montreal into words, however part of the city’s je ne sais quoi comes from a culture that is so seamlessly entrenched within its concrete walls. From crackling cobblestones to gleaming skyscrapers, the contrasting architecture of the city pays homage to the past, while striving to maintain an innovative modernity. Nonetheless, the joie de vivre that defines Montreal is brought by none other than the diverse population of people who grace its streets. With its aesthetic splendor and multicultural mosaic, the city is a place where inspiration and creativity thrive — solidifying its status as one of the fashion capitals of Canada.

At the epicenter of Montreal lies McGill University, with a campus as vibrant and full of life as the city in which it resides. This spring marks my final semester at McGill University, where I’m finishing the last year of my physiology major. People often struggle to draw the parallel between physiology and fashion, as science and art fall into seemingly opposite realms. However, when looking at the two from the perspective of the human body, they aren’t so different after all. While physiology attempts to unravel the inner workings of the human body, fashion uses the outer framework of the human body as a canvas for design — where one seeks to discover beauty, the other seeks to create it.

Fashion is nothing short of an art form, with the potential to create works as magnificent as the masterpieces found within the world’s most renowned museums. However unlike paintings and sculptures, which rely solely on the point of view of the artist, fashion offers an additional element of expression. Herein lies the exceptional concept of street style. Although runway shows and magazines serve as excellent sartorial inspiration, true style means having the ability to transform these influences into self-expression. Couture catwalks may drip with dazzling opulence, but nothing quite compares to the extraordinary individuality that street style can bring across. My personal style is created by my combined love of sheer, flowing fabrics, geometric cut-outs, avant-garde accessories and an unapologetic obsession with all things leather and spiked. In my eyes, bolder is always better.

I’m unbelievably excited to be returning for my third semester as a Style Guru for McGill University. Whether they’re faced with wind, sleet or snow, these Fashionsita/os will surely show an unwavering dedication to the sartorial — and with a backdrop as beautiful as Montreal, the possibilities for inspiration are endless.


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