STYLE GURU BIO: Fernanda Da Silva

Style Guru Bio

I never really knew what fashion was until I got to college. Being used to school uniforms all my life, I only had a few moments of dressing myself with my own options, with what my friends and I use to refer to as “normal” clothes. As a kid, I loved any opportunity to show my friends my “normal” clothes, as it seemed to me such a different reality, since we lived in uniforms. However, when the uniforms were gone, the mess began. I would stare at my closet and it would stare back. It was a mean, scary stare and it took a while for us to become the best friends we are today.

My first year of college was a fashion disaster. Studying in Rio means an easy-going style that allows you all-day comfort, yet always following the latest trends. I tried making my own style, but trying so hard and without the right resources didn’t get me any winning looks. Final result: frustration and disappointment. I gave up on trends and went for comfortable looks without any personal flavor. I would wake up, throw on whatever was at reach and pray nobody important would see me that day.

Then came sophomore year of college: my very own fairy godmother.

It was like magic: I went back to the basics, stocking up on cotton t-shirts from stores like Forever 21 and Richards, and on neutral dresses, from Nordstrom, H&M and Eclectic. Then I discovered accessories and my life as a Fashionista completely changed. It was like I found out Victoria’s Secret: magic. Using the basics doesn’t make you unfashionable; just add the right touches!

During the hot weather days, which can get past 100°F, I run to my worn-in jeans shorts, pick a light top, add a statement necklace, put on comfy shoes and done! Other days, I choose basic skinny jeans, a silky blouse and put on comfy, colorful flats.

I can say I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and that my style is very me. When I walk into a room, the first thing people notice is my pink, curly hair. I never would have had the courage to have pink hair in a world full of natural colored hair, but fashion has allowed me to come out of my shell and wear my oversized band t-shirts, the old shoes that haven’t walked around town in a while and the mullet skirt some people love to hate. Most importantly, fashion taught me that while clothes may be just fabric, they can express your personality and make you more courageous in your own skin.

This semester I am beyond excited to meet Fashionistos from campus and bring a little bit of the men’s college fashion from Rio to CollegeFashionista. Let the fun begin!


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