STYLE GURU BIO: Erika Harwood

Style Guru Bio

My name is Erika Harwood and this will be my third semester with CollegeFashionista. I’m currently a junior at University of Michigan studying Screen Arts and Cultures and Art History. Although what I study doesn’t directly involve fashion, I find my personal style to be constantly evolving based on what I’m learning. Whether it is an Eisenstein film or a Dalí painting, you can only be surrounded by so much weird art before it begins to spill over into your aesthetic. While I may not apply what I learn in class directly to my sartorial decisions (if I let Dalí inspire my look too much, I’d probably just end up wearing an unreasonable amount of watches), it does continually inspire me to be bolder and take risks.

For the past two semesters I’ve been covering the WHAT TO WEAR category and this semester will be no different. I hope everyone’s cool with that because I’m pretty stoked about it. Like the previous terms, every Thursday I’ll be reporting on a new Fashionista or Fashionisto whose look will hopefully inspire you to think outside of the box when dressing for a specific occasion. Whether it is your sorority formal or a presentation, no one wants to look like everyone else, and as they say, college is the time to try new things (to avoid potential liabilities, I’m going to tack on “within reason” to that). Therefore, I try to make it a goal to find students who take risks and will encourage you (and me) to do the same.

While the Midwest may not be considered a hot spot for cutting-edge style, the students in Ann Arbor beg to differ. So for the next four months, I’ll be bringing you a range of fall styles to suit a variety of occasions. From the preppy to the avant-garde, us Wolverines are an eclectic bunch with closets to prove it.


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