STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Senoff

Style Guru Bio

As a journalism major one might think that writing is something that defines me, but it’s not. I can’t wear my writing to the first day of class, I don’t go through my portfolio when I’m trying to find an outfit for a holiday party and I definitely don’t look through the news to find inspiration for a New Year’s Eve ensemble. If there is one thing that defines me I think it has to be my style. I’ve been perfecting it for a while now and it has changed many times. I remember the exact moment when I started to care about what I wore. I was at my aunt’s house and my cousin, Alix, was standing at the kitchen counter wearing one of those floor dusting open knit cardigans, the ones with a knitted rope to tie it closed. I wanted that floor length sweater. That night I went through all my clothes and took out the basic T-shirts that I deemed “not cute.” I can’t recall which direction my young style went in next, but I doubt it lasted. I think I was nine.

Anyway, my point is that no matter how old we are, our style is always evolving. It can change depending on our age, where we live and whom we hang out with. Our style can alternative from day to day and even from day to night. I know my style at school is way different than the way I dress at home. It’s okay to modify the way we dress. Switching up our style shows off just how fashionable we can be. The important thing is that we always stay true to ourselves. It sounds cheesy, but that’s how you create a personal style. To me, personal style means adding a personal touch to your outfit. If the trend were to wear knee high socks sticking out of your boots a personal touch would be to wear patterned socks. Personal touches differentiate you from everyone else and isn’t that what Fashionista’s are trying to do?

A crucial part of finding your own personal touch to add to an outfit is finding the right accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit and I’ve seen them do both. This semester I will be looking for those Fashionista/os whose accessories have made their outfits worthy of an Accessories Report. I’ll be keeping my eyes open not for the trend obsessed, but for the trendsetters. As my third semester writing the Accessories Report for CollegeFashionista begins I have a good feel for what I will see this time around. Although it’s the start of a new year, I don’t think the sophisticated and preppy style at the University of Missouri has made an overall change, but who knows what individuals will catch my eye. A new season is blooming and with that I hope to see colorful jeweled accents, belly button length necklaces and a variety of head warming hats.


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