STYLE GURU BIO: Ellen Hoffman

Style Guru Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen Hoffman and I am entering my senior year at Misericordia University studying communications. This semester also marks my fifth semester with CollegeFashionista. I began my time here writing the weekly ACCESSORIES REPORT. Now I am responsible for updating the Dallas, Pennsylvania campus with WHAT TO WEAR for important and daily occasions.

WHAT TO WEAR is the perfect feature for my style beliefs. I am 100 percent about dressing for the event. If I have a dinner for a friend’s birthday my outfit is going to be completely different than it would be if I have class. That is why I love this feature. It allows me to track down the stylish Fashionistas on Misericordia’s campus all depending on different events. I feel as though because MU is such a small, tight-knit school I have some responsibility to the students to point out the latest trendsetters walking around. After four semesters of keeping my eyes open for trendy Fashionistas, these students still seem to surprise me!

While my style depends on where I’m headed it also has a few key elements in every outfit. I consider my wardrobe very simple with statement or “wow” pieces added. I take inspiration from blogs like Katie’s Bliss and magazines like Glamour and People Style Watch. I also love clicking through street-style photos, like the ones I take on campus, because they are real. These photos are of outfits that I can put together myself or make my own twist on. It makes finding the latest trend so easy.

When I am out trying to add staples to my wardrobe I hit up stores like Gap, H&M and Urban Outfitters because, let’s face it, I am working on a college student’s budget. But there is nothing wrong with that! So stay stylish MU Fashionistas and bring your best dressed pieces out this season for me to spot. Make sure to check back every Thursday for my posts.


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