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It’s time to celebrate! This semester marks my one year anniversary with CollegeFashionista. It’s crazy to think that I started spotting the latest trends only a year ago. It feels like second nature at this point.

I’m Ellen Hoffman and I have had the pleasure of covering the ACCESSORIES REPORT for all of the trends at Misericordia University. I’ve loved having the chance to write for this category for three semesters so I could report on the latest fashions of every season. But, now comes a change as I switch to writing for WHAT TO WEAR. I am so excited to shift gears and have a chance to write about more than just the pieces that tie a look together. Now, I get to write about the perfect outfit for those important occasions. I don’t know about you, but I love dreaming up the perfect ensemble for special outings. My cousin got married last summer and it was the first wedding I attended in years so I thought about what dress I would wear for months. My mom and sister probably wanted to kill me because I dragged them all over Pennsylvania from shop to shop only to order my dress online from Ruche. It was an important event and I think it’s important to dress your best, even if that takes some time to figure out.

As for my personal style, if you haven’t guessed from my previous STYLE GURU BIOs, I am a girly girl. I like pairing simple items with something to make it pop, like a plain black dress with a bright heel or skinny jeans with a printed tank. I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from a group of blogs that I religiously check and from my style icon, Lauren Conrad (we share a profound love of bows). When I’m not pouring over the blogs bookmarked on my laptop, I’m taking in the outfits at my internship this summer with an online marketing group. I have always been known as the journalism girl so I thought I would switch gears a little and give marketing and management a try this summer.

I’m making changes in places other than CollegeFashionista and am excited about what these new opportunities will bring this summer. Follow along with my weekly WHAT TO WEAR posts to see what’s happening with me and other stylish Fashionista/os at Misericordia.


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