STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Deuel

Style Guru Bio

As a second semester sophomore at the University of Illinois, not only have I finally learned my way around campus but have also discovered the fashion community that exists in Champaign. Among 40,000 undergraduate students, it’s no surprise that as a freshman I felt a little overwhelmed on campus both school and fashion wise. I remember calling my mom in tears on the first day of classes claiming, “I don’t own enough running shorts!” I always dressed to the nines in high school and just wanted to fit in with my new collegiate peers. A little into second semester of my freshman year, after attending a national convention for my sorority, I realized that the only way for me to “fit in” was to just be myself and stand out. Upon returning to Champaign after that trip, I began wearing my colored jeans, faux fur vests and leather pieces to class without shame.

Fashion has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I feel like I was born with it running through my veins, as I’ve always had a keen eye for styling and trends. I am probably the only five year old you’ll ever meet who spent her birthday money on shoes and was yelled at by her grandmother for bringing too many pairs on vacation after lining up ten or so against the wall.

Over the years, I’ve really refined my style. This process has been aided by starting and maintaining my blog, Champaign Taste, which journals my fashion woes, life on campus and current obsessions. Discovering like-minded fashion students has been made easier by my involvement with College Fashion Connect, a fashion club geared towards educating students on the fashion world of social media, networking and careers, of which I am currently the Vice President. I am currently in the College of Business where I proudly plan on declaring a double major in marketing and management entrepreneurship later this semester with the ultimate goal of moving to New York and pursuing a career in fashion public relations. My unique sense of style definitely makes me stand out in the business building among the various shades of suits. I would describe my style as constantly evolving, ranging from preppy to feminine and everything in between. My picture features some of my favorite staples that I am rarely without: sequins, an item in cheetah print, red lipstick, my rose gold Michael Kors watch and a monogrammed piece of jewelry like my cuff or necklace.

Besides fashion, writing and photography have always been passions of mine and I feel so fortunate to be able to share these with you during my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! Last semester, I documented the fashionable men on Illinois’s campus in Let’s Hear it for the Boys and this semester I am excited to explore women’s trends in the Style Advice of the Week column. Dress to impress Fashionistas, because I’ll be roaming all over campus and you’ll never know when it’s time for your closeup!


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