STYLE GURU BIO: Eliza Lavine

Style Guru Bio

Greetings Fashionistas/os! My name is Eliza Lavine and I am a freshman at George Washington University majoring in Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication. I am so excited to be joining the CollegeFashionista team this semester!

When it comes to my confidence in taking fashion risks and trying new trends, I give a lot of credit to my mom, who allowed me to start dressing myself starting at a very young age. I could be seen skipping into kindergarten at the local Jewish Community Center in my patterned knit tights with yellow Dr. Martens and some sort of flowery velvet dress. I didn’t care if any of the other kids or parents thought I looked like I was getting dressed in the dark—I looked awesome and I knew it.

I find myself shopping mostly at J.Crew (see: my entire outfit minus the scarf and boots), but I also really like Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstrom, Gap or whatever store is having a good sale (who doesn’t like a bargain?). I wouldn’t say that I have one specific style that I stick to all of the time. I can be in a Lilly dress and Jacks one day, and then in leather paneled Pixie pants (side note: I live in Pixie pants) with a fur vest the next. There are so many great styles in the world, why not experiment with all of them? My style icons vary from Jackie Kennedy to Ellen DeGeneres to Rachel Zoe. The one thing that is consistent with all of my outfits is that they all look put together, and to me, that is the most important part. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans and a plain white tee—as long as you look like you thought about your outfit for more than two seconds this morning, it’s all good! Just throw on a fun necklace and some bright flats and you look like you’ve been planning this outfit for days.

This semester I will be writing for the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column. I am looking forward to exploring the fashion of the guys on George Washington’s campus. I don’t think we, as a fashion-loving population, spend nearly enough time talking about men’s clothing. It’s a whole different animal than women’s clothing, and I am going to be guiding you as we delve into the world of men’s fashion.


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