STYLE GURU BIO: Elihu Garcia

Style Guru Bio

My name is Elihu Garcia and I’m currently a junior aspiring journalism at the University of Texas-Pan American. My interests include photography, music, the Internet, art, design, food and fashion— just to mention some.

I live in South Texas where the heat is likely to never go away, weather is weird and ‘seasons’ are really just a joke.  An area where any small breeze or cold front will be the highlight of social updates (possibly including mine). Overall, it is a fun place that I’m glad to call home. South Texas is where I’ve met a lot of people, made many great friendships, have lived and learned during my 20 years of existence.

My style and approach on fashion has definitely come a long way through these past couple years. I used to have everything Hurley throughout high school. My attire was all over the place and unorganized. I can laugh about it now, but in all honesty it was too funny how crazy I would obsess over little things such as specific brands or a specific look.  I am convinced my approach on fashion has matured.  Currently, I like semiformal ensembles, such as button up shirts with a little kick to keep it interesting.  I’ve learned that wearing specific brand names is nice but that doesn’t necessarily make it fashionable. Dressing nicely and keeping up with trends shouldn’t require spending outrageous amounts, either. I think it’s really fun to shop but also look for bargains and find great deals on fabulous and inexpensive pieces. I plan to look for fun, well-dressed Fashionistos this semester with awesome ensembles that will surely inspire you to dress even better than you already do.

It’s my first semester as a part of CollegeFashionista. It’s a new experience but I’m excited to share my ideas alongside this group of extraordinary people. I want to inspire and give some advice on my views of fashion and trends. Check in every Tuesday for my post in LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS. I hope you enjoy everything you read and remember to dress well not only this fall semester but always!


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