STYLE GURU BIO: Dominique Falconeiri

Style Guru Bio

Hello, my name is Dominique Falconeiri and I’ve just wrapped up my sophomore year at the University of Florida majoring in Advertising. This is my second time writing for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru. Last fall I wrote the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column and while I did take a little break in the spring, I’m back and can’t wait to write STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK.

For me, fashion goes beyond shopping for the season’s latest trends. Don’t get me wrong, I can spend hours perusing lookbooks and online window shop ’til I drop, but that’s just a hobby, just a piece of what fashion means to me. Fashion is owning it, yourself and showing it to the world. It takes all of the inspiration, the music, the books, the paintings, the nature – all of it and metastasizes into your very own personal style. And unlike creating a song or a book, the moment someone sees you, they can know a piece of you. No words necessary.

I know that all seems a bit dramatic, but you see, fashion has been my form of self-expression for quite some time. I’m no lyricist and I can hardly write a haiku, but I can put myself into every outfit. And so can you. My personal style is impossible to pinpoint, but I do love to mix and match. For me, it’s all about the unexpected combination, like pairing a maxi skirt with a T-shirt. In this case, one that alludes to one of my favorite books as a kid, Where the Wild Things Are. It’s the formal with the informal, the all-grown-up elegant woman I hope to become, who still clings to the nostalgia of childhood. That kind of sums up where I’m at right now, ready to be in the real world…almost. Every outfit should have that little twist.

I can’t wait to be inspired by what the Fashionistas and Fashionistos of Gator Nation have to offer this summer!


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