STYLE GURU BIO: Diera Gooden

Style Guru Bio

My name is Diera Gooden and I am a senior at the University of Arizona. Throughout my time here I have always been intrigued by the amount of versatility exposed and exhibited in trends that blaze the trail on our college campus. This internship with CollegeFashionista will be the perfect opportunity to show the world that Tucson, Arizona actually does have a fashion scene, no matter how hard it may be to believe!

When it comes to fashion, I personally enjoy letting the things that I wear serve as a statement for what I am feeling on that day. When my outfit is bright and fun it usually means I woke up feeling great and that I am ready to take on the world. On an all black or a simple T-shirt and jeans day, I may be feeling a bit more edgy or classic. Nonetheless, no matter what day of the week it is, my goal is always to stand out and to be my own person. This is something I always recommend.

On a typical day you will see me with mixed and matched patterns, prints and textures and my favorite pair of combat boots or Vans. I strongly believe that if you have a favorite shoe or accessory, you should wear it proudly and as often as it makes you happy. After it’s all said and done, material things don’t last forever, so wear what you love and only the things represent you well.

As I write for LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS this semester, I hope that you all will be inspired and challenged to showcase your style in a way that truly represents who you are.


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